BOXX GALLERY , located on the corner of Maple and Wisconsin in Tieton, WA., is a well designed exhibit space ready to be rented for a variety of events. The gallery has 1,500 square feet of wall area with 10 foot ceilings, a large sliding door for easy access of large art, a small food serving area and an ADA bathroom. BOXX has already been used for community meetings and two group exhibits. It is available to rent by the day, week or month. 


The mission of the BOXX Gallery is to serve as a constant benefactor for the neighboring Highland Food Bank. A percentage of all sales and the price of the rental go towards the operational costs of the Food Bank building. The extra X in the name is a reminder of the number of boxes, X (times) 100, handed out each Saturday morning. 

Every month at least 2,000 persons are served by the all -volunteer group working in preparation on Thursdays and on every Saturday morning from 8- 10 AM. The Highland Food Bank is an important necessity to the health of the Upper Valley of Yakima.

BOXX Gallery has an owner/book keeper, a director for scheduling and assisting in installations, and a volunteer coordinator for scheduling the volunteer gallery attendants. The intent for future shows is to have an empty space ready for an individual or group to install their work, advertise their exhibit, and man their own show. A small fee will be required for rental or a percentage of sales, whichever is the greatest. The gallery will collect all payments of the sales, pay the appropriate sales tax and pay the artist the amount due at the end of the month after the show has ended. If the artists need the help of our volunteers, they may feel free to call upon them. 

BOXX is a community place. A feel good place. Everyone is welcome to approach us with a concept. The space could be used for music, theater, dance, a one day pop up show, workshops, poetry readings, and for a meeting place. One area the gallery hopes to include in each exhibit is an activity for children. The city of Tieton has a wonderful family atmosphere and love of art. BOXX would like to make sure to balance art education with exhibitions. 

Please contact the Karen Quint at for more information on your special event.